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Established in 2007, Indri Seeds is a revered name in the domain of agriculture, for providing the best grade seeds that boast features such as improved viability and higher nutritional content, in addition to germination ease, that is on the higher end of the spectrum. We are a noted Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier and Trader of an assorted range of seeds that include, but are not limited to Paddy Seeds, Wheat Seeds and Pulses Seeds of all varieties and types, which are known for their excellent set of attributes in the domain and are exemplary in their agricultural utility.

Array of Products

We offer a selected range of crop seeds that is quite concise, yet this is what offers us with ample opportunity and time to do an extensive research and invest maximum effort in them to develop them further and increase their yield. Mentioned below is the entire array of crop seeds offered by us:
  • Paddy Seeds
    • Certified Paddy Seeds
    • Hybrid Rice Seed
    • Fresh Paddy Seeds
    • Basmati Paddy Seeds
    • Basmati Rice Seeds
  • Wheat Seeds
    • Foundation Wheat Seeds
    • Certified Wheat Seeds
    • Nutritious Wheat Seeds
    • Whole Wheat Seed, HD 2967 Wheat Seed
    • HD 3086 Wheat Seed
  • Pulses Seeds of all varieties.
Quality Assurance

The principal zone where we exhaust maximum resources and efforts, is the quality and resistivity of the seeds towards disease causing agents, which is a primary requisite for a good crop yield and consumption safety. To ensure the same, we have developed an in-house seed processing unit, wherein the batches of seeds are assorted, and duly tested and verified for their vital parameters like germinating ability, viability, soil penetration capability and nutritional content, prior to them being  packaged and shipped, which ensures that the seeds provided by us are no match for the ones offered by our contemporaries.

Advantages Of Utilizing Good Quality Seeds

The prime benefit of utilizing better grade seeds is a higher crop yield and return per unit area, as they are capable of squeezing out the maximum amount of minerals from any given soil and exploits its full growth potential for an increased productivity. Moreover, there are lesser instances of diseases such as blights and leaf curls, as they are genetically embedded with necessary immunity boosting markers for improved resistance against pathogens. In addition to it, they respond well to artificial growth enhancers and soil additives like fertilizers and nutrients and can easily adapt to varied climatic conditions and cropping systems of different geographical locations.